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Wearing a wedding ring

Code of Ethics

Inclusivity and Non-Discrimination

I, Stephanie Town, as a Metaphysical Minister affiliated with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministries (CIMM), pledge not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. I am committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity, where all individuals are treated with equal respect and dignity.

Professionalism and Timeliness

I commit to maintaining a high standard of professionalism in all my services. Each client will be treated with the utmost respect, sensitivity, and professionalism. Furthermore, I will provide all services in a timely manner, recognizing the importance of punctuality and reliability in creating meaningful ceremonies.

Recognition of Individuality

I believe in the importance of recognizing the unique personalities of my clients. I am committed to being sensitive to their needs, wishes, values, philosophical and spiritual beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. This recognition will guide my approach to crafting personalized ceremonies that truly reflect the essence of each client.

Personalized Ceremony Creation

I am dedicated to offering every client a personalized ceremony experience. I will encourage clients to actively participate in the creation of their ceremony and will work collaboratively to ensure that the ceremony is deeply satisfying to them. The ceremony should be a genuine reflection of their aspirations and desires.

Client Autonomy

I respect and honor the autonomy of my clients. I recognize that each client has complete choice and the final say over their ceremonies. My personal beliefs as an Officiant are immaterial in this process. It is my duty to facilitate the expression of their unique values and beliefs in the ceremony.

Legal Compliance

I am committed to complying with and staying current with all laws regarding the performance of marriage in the Province of Ontario. This includes obtaining the necessary legal authority to solemnize marriages and ensuring the appropriate filing of client marriage documentation as required by law.

In upholding this Code of Ethics, I, Stephanie Town, aim to provide exceptional and inclusive ceremony services that celebrate the diversity of all individuals, respecting their individuality, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. My commitment to professionalism, timeliness, and legal compliance ensures that every ceremony I officiate is a meaningful and memorable experience for my clients.


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