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Who I Am

Reverend and Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Whether it’s a wedding, birth blessing, milestone birthday, or intimate gathering, Stephanie Town weaves diverse elements into memorable rituals and events.
The Toronto resident decided to become a minister in 2014 after performing the non-legal
aspects of a wedding of two friends.
“It was so beautiful,” she says. “I thought, ‘I have to do this again!’”
The nuptials, which featured a hand-binding ceremony to join not only the bride and groom but
also their children, reflected Stephanie’s gift of entwining organic materials into personal
Drawn to the natural world, she’s been binding and bundling things for as long as she can
Today, she weaves natural objects along with the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water
into many of her rituals including blessing crowns for milestone birthdays made from items
found on forest walks.
“Ritual is in essence prayer put into physical form,” says the minister. “We’re creating a
connection to the divine that a lot of people don’t know how to do any more.”
Ordained by Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, Stephanie is open to all
backgrounds including LGBTQ+ couples.
In 2018, she started holding regular gatherings for women to share, celebrate and elevate each
other in a safe space.
Says Stephanie, “I never expected how blessed I would be walking their path beside them and
cheering them on.”
Equally supportive of the environment, she lives a low-footprint lifestyle and once spent a
summer living completely off the grid.
“I value nature, the environment, truth, and honesty,” says Stephanie. “And I love love!”

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