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Greetings, I am Stephanie Town, a Metaphysical Minister affiliated with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministries (CIMM) and proudly based in the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario.

My Journey as a Reverend and Ceremony Officiant

From weddings to birth blessings, milestone birthdays, and intimate gatherings, I specialize in crafting unforgettable rituals and events that seamlessly blend diverse elements into meaningful experiences.

My calling to become a minister was sparked in 2014 when I had the honor of orchestrating the non-legal components of a close friends' wedding. Witnessing the profound beauty of that ceremony, I was struck by an overwhelming sense of purpose, prompting me to say, "I have to do this again!"

That particular wedding, with its symbolic hand-binding ceremony uniting not only the bride and groom but also their children, mirrored my innate talent for infusing organic elements into significant life moments. My connection to the natural world runs deep, a lifelong fascination with the art of binding and bundling objects into meaningful symbols.

Today, my work is an art form where I intertwine natural elements with the four fundamental forces of earth, wind, fire, and water. For instance, I create blessing crowns for milestone birthdays using treasures discovered during tranquil forest walks. To me, ritual is the embodiment of prayer, a tangible conduit to establish a connection with the divine—a practice that many have lost touch with in our modern world.

Ordained by CIMM, An Inclusive Approach

I proudly carry the ordination of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, and my services are inclusive of all backgrounds, including LGBTQ+ couples. Love knows no bounds, and I am here to help you celebrate your unique journey.

Empowering Women through Shared Spaces

In 2018, I initiated a series of gatherings designed for women to come together, share their stories, celebrate one another, and uplift each other in a nurturing and safe environment. The privilege of walking beside these remarkable women and cheering them on in their life journeys has been an unexpected blessing that fills my heart with joy.

A Steward of the Earth

In addition to my spiritual pursuits, I am deeply committed to environmental stewardship. My lifestyle is one of low environmental impact, and I once spent a summer living entirely off the grid. Nature, truth, honesty, and love are values close to my heart. I believe in honoring the Earth and its natural wonders, and I strive to reflect these values in all that I do.

I am here to help you create moments of profound meaning, connection, and spirituality in your life's journey. Let's work together to craft unforgettable rituals and events that reflect your unique story and values. Love and blessings to you all!

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